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How about a Dad-Do for the Superbowl? ;)
Have you seen this Superbowl commercial yet? These Daddy/ daughter moments might give you the warm & fuzzies.. ;) - Stacey Thompson ...

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*LISTEN* Unreleased Red Hot Chili Peppers Tune Leaked Online
Earlier this week an unreleased Peppers track called 'Circle Of The Noose' was leaked online. The track dates back to some scrapped recording sessions from about 20 years ago with guitarist Dave Navarro for the follow-up to One Hot Minute. The recording sessions were fruitless and didn't produce a new album. Not long after, Dave's serious drug addiction lead to him leaving the band (in April 1998). But -it appears that Navarro himself has always been a fan of the unreleased tune. In...


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