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New driving laws as of September
A few changes to driving laws, including increased fines for infractions, are coming as of the 1st of September. Some of the more important ones are outlined below (sourced from CTV Toronto) Distracted driving: If you’re caught looking at your phone, texting or talking on your phone while driving, you will face much bigger fines and more demerit points, the province is warning. The current fine for distracted driving is approximately $200. As of Tuesday, those found guilty of distracted driving...

Music News

Concert Rider Fun
If you’re familiar with the goings-on behind the scenes at concerts, you may have heard about something known as the “contract rider.”  This is part of the contract between a promoter and the band that lists what will be provided to the band backstage before, during and after any given performance at any given venue.  It usually involves things like food and beer but sometimes extends to things to furniture requirements for the dressing room, clean underwear or the infamous bowl of M&Ms...


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