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Rick Vaive, Vibrating love toy (uh oh) and 5thousand cabbage rolls
Tuesday Oct 6, 15 No winner, not even a guess -- *crickets*-- from Daverocks listener Chris in Waterloo when he got through as caller #10 for Every Second Counts at 7:50a. Mike Devine has $407.50 in the ESC jackpot waiting for ya at 11:50a. Got a message yesterday from our friend The General - owner of the Lancaster Smokehouse. His five year old grandson, Willy, learned an inappropriate phrase on our show and now he's repeating it everywhere. We talked to Willy's mum on the phone this morning...

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Pre-Foos Dave Grohl
So what did Dave Grohl do before he was in the Foo Fighters?  Well, he was in Nirvana, right?  What about before that.  He was in a DC-based band called Scream.  Well, what about before that?  Let's see: in his life, Dave has worked in a garden nursery; he was a stone mason; he was a clerk at a Tower Records store in Washington; and when he was sixteen he had an awful job at a Shakey's Pizza Parlour restaurant.  And before that, he spent two years in a Catholic School. And for the record,...


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