Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has apologised for recent comments he made about the band’s fans while also responding to Corey Taylor‘s criticism of his remarks.

The band’s pop-leaning new album ‘One More Light’ has received a mixed response from fans with singer Bennington telling fans wanting the band to return to the sound of their debut album ‘Hybrid Theory’ to “move the fuck on”. He later said that he wants to “kill” anyone who calls them “sell-outs”, and will “punch them in the fucking mouth”.

Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor had urged Bennington to “be grateful for what he has”, with Bennington now tweeting in response: “Just heard Corey Taylor’s response to something I said in an interview and I agree with him. I do appreciate our fans… I’m human and sometimes take things too personally. Most of our fans have been very positive lately. Some… not so much. Either way… there is a lot of passion on both sides and I am grateful to all of our fans. Corey is a good dude and I appreciate him too… Time to recalibrate my perspective. So I say to all of our fans… Thank you and I love you all. Peace, love and happiness”.